Sunday, October 26, 2014

Moving On Up!!

I have been a bit inactive in the last couple of weeks (well, it appears that way because I haven't been able to post!) The reason is because I have moved my blog to a new location - same name of Hungry Enough To Eat Six, and now I have a URL to match!

Different "Bat Channel", but still blogging about food, recipes, and other things that I tend to geek out on from time to time.

I'm hoping to reach everyone who follows my blog through this post, and ask if you you would visit me at my new location. And if you like what you see please sign up to follow me there! You can follow my posts through email updates, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, and Pinterest.

I just put up a post today, all about our visit to the first (and hopefully not last) Vermont Comic Con. I have some great pictures of the elaborate and imaginative costumes we saw, and the incredible art that we scored. 
Check it out:

I can't seem to find a good way to transfer Google Friend Connect to my new blog location, so I do hope that I reach everyone this way. You have all been so supportive and kind, and I really want to keep my connections with you!

So, please to pop on over to Hungry Enough To Eat Six at And PLEASE let me know what you think! I am so excited for this newest blogosphere step, and I would be ever so grateful for your feedback and suggestions.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Taste of Home Cooking School: Online Courses!

Taste of Home Cooking School has just created 5 online courses! I am a volunteer Field Editor for Taste of Home Magazine and I thought I'd share these news here. The courses are $14.95. 

I have a promo code for those of you visiting my blog that will take $10 off one course! Use promo code TAKETEN when enrolling online.

The courses are: 

Tips, Tricks & Techniques from the Test Kitchen

Let me know what you think if you enroll in the courses. I'll be checking them out myself this weekend !

*All images courtesy of

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Garden Geek 2014 vol. 5

Pics from the late summer/early fall garden.

 Caught this smiling guy on our deck railing one sunny morning.

Check out the brilliant camouflage on this Black Swallowtail caterpillar. I was so impressed that I let him have a few carrot tops.  

These bees seemed frantic, even for bees. Maybe they had a bet going on who could count up the Fibonacci sequence first.  

I couldn't catch them in my pic but there were more frantic bees scampering around inside this just-opening sunflower. 

These plucky, sweet little tomatoes just won't quit. Even now in October I still get to pick and eat them! 

I fished this giant dragonfly from the pool. Exhausted, he hung out in the sun for a good hour before flying away. The body was about 3" long and wingspan was 3" or 4". In addition to the green he also had bright Caribbean blue on his body. Possibly it is a Green Darner?

 My artsy picture of morning glories twining up and reaching for the sky. 

Here's another critter I rescued from the swimming pool. I love salamanders, just look at that cute little face!

The brilliant, ruby red of blueberry bushes in fall. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Taco Pizzas

It is any given late afternoon and not surprisingly I have been distracted by something (Pinterest, a food magazine, the episode of 'Phineas & Ferb' playing in the living room.) 

Suddenly it is 5:15 pm and I have no plan for dinner. The members of the household begin to enter the kitchen, zombie-like with their eyes glazed over, mouths agape, and arms outstretched. Arms grabbing at the pantry door, the refrigerator door, and finally they come for me. "Food. Need food. Are we having dinner? Are we having dinner right now? Should we just grab whatever we can find?" 

Ah, now that last one is tempting! Yes, by all means grab whatever you can find. Grab the half-full bag of chips, the can of Spaghettios. I'll eat a couple slices of cheese and then return to my pressing tasks: pinning ideas for Halloween decorations, or getting absorbed by the adventures of Perry the Platypus. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Doctor Who-Inspired Cupcakes

Before school resumed we had a late, friends-only birthday party for Logan. Swimming, dogs and burgers from the grill, Nerf gun battles - Logan and his four best buds had a great time! 

Instead of asking the kids' families to bring presents, we had them bring ice cream toppings instead (Logan helpfully suggested kids bring toppings AND presents. We held firm.) We provided the ice cream and they made their own sundaes. The two best toppings provided were Hershey milk chocolate bars which we froze then smashed to sprinkle over the tops, and marshmallow bunnies. Not Peeps brand, just little mini marshmallows shaped like bunnies. I suspect they may have been leftover from Easter (squirreled away under this child's bed perhaps?) They were still soft though and they were devoured. A few Nerf gun darts also found their way onto sundaes, after first being launched through the air in the kitchen over the heads of shrieking tweens. I don't believe they were eaten, fortunately. 

For one additional boost of sugar before these kids went home I also made cupcakes. I wanted to do something on the theme of Doctor Who - a favorite of Logan's and of his parents. There are some amazing, elaborate, and breathtaking Doctor Who cakes out there. Just go to Pinterest and search for 'Doctor Who cakes'. I would love to attempt one of these creations some day - unfortunately I did not have time before this party. Additionally, the hot, humid days of August and a house with no AC do not provide an ideal environment for working on a delicate cake. 

Adipose aliens, 'Doctor Who'. From
I saw several ideas for making Adipose aliens (from Doctor Who Season 4 Episode 1 "Partners in Crime") out of marshmallows, and decided to combine these with cupcakes dyed Tardis-blue. Adipose are very cute, baby aliens (if you don't know what they're made from) and the marshmallow versions are, I think also very cute!